I suppose that the First thing that I should do, is to give You the Disciple/Student, the "ONE" and Only Scripture that the "Roman Catholic Church" initially and knowingly allowed to be Mis-translated (by not correcting it); And unfortunately, Her Protestant Daughters have knowingly and enthusiastically embraced the error through many, many generations.

The Most Common translations (KJV, AKJV, KJ21) all read at:

ACTS 12:4

       "And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people."

   I illustrate this, mainly because for the last 400 years everyone has been taught that "EASTER" is a scriptural authorization for the "Holiday" adopted by, and imposed by, the "Holy Roman Catholic Church", instead of Passover.

  Next, I ask that you get your Strong's Concordance and look up the word Easter. You will notice that the "Only" scripture that is listed, is Acts 12:4; and it gives the Greek #3957    - Pascha, Pas-khah; which then leads you to the Original Hebrew at #6453  - Pecach, Peh-sakh: Meaning "Passover".

   What does any good Dictionary or Encyclopedia state under the heading "EASTER"?

   Webster's New Lexicon Dictionary

       Easter : The chief Christian feast, which celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, on the first Sunday after the first full moon that coinsides with, or comes after, the Spring equinox; approximately March 21, coming at or near Easter. From Eostre, goddess of the dawn, whose festival was celebrated at the spring equinox.

   The Ancient Pagan Babylonian Priests (Magi) were astrologers who closely monitored the positions of the Sun, Moon, 5 of the planets, and of-course the constellations of stars. All of these were made into objects of worship (hence the Horoscope). They were also, all given names and turned into deities. Many of these names have varied over the millennia, but many names have still become fixed (i.e. Sol, Luna, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Mercury). They have all been modeled over time in order to fit the various times of the year that the Pagan worship and Heathen rituals can coincide with their observances. And they are all associated with Drunkeness and SEX (i.e. New Years Eve, St. Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, May Day, etc.,etc.,etc.). These Pagan Priests knew when the path of the Sun "crossed" the celestial equator, at the Vernal Equinox (more on this "cross" thing later).

       But let's get back to this Study on EASTER (Eostre) !

   The Readers Digest Encyclopedic Dictionary lists Eostre , as the Goddess of Spring.

   The various names of this "Goddess of Spring" are :

       Eostre, Astarte, Ostara, Ishtar, Astoreth... [goddess of spring] (they are all interchangable with, and also identifiable with, a great variety of other names, in other nations across the world.

   Such as Diana, Ceres, Austron, Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, Indrani, Cybele, Artemis, Athena, and many others. They are all known as goddesses of Spring, love and fertility. And one of the most usable traditions of their worship is the "EGG". Always decorated and given as a present.

   But let's look at the name and the observance that "Christendom" (the Catholic Church and Her Harlot Daughters) has adopted instead of Passover...   "EASTER".

 And the one name that is most audible with Easter !


In the College Version of the American Heritage Dictionary:

 Ishtar ; Ancient Babylonian goddess of fertility, love and war.

            Love and War ???   (She is into everything isn't she)

  She is listed in the Webster's New Lexicon Dictionary :

   Ishtar ; The Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of fertility and love, identified with Aphrodite, Venus or Astarte.

   Wow, Easter rituals, practices and traditions go all the way back to Ancient Babylon and the worship rituals of Ishtar. Most notably the Ishtar eggs, Ishtar bunny and Hot Cross buns (more on these later).

  Now, the True Messianic Passover Feast, was, and still is held by the Messianic Natsariym (Acts 24:5 ; 1 Cor 11:23-25). Of which I, am a modern day Messianic Natsarite ! Furthermore, 1 Cor 5:7 , "For Messiah our Passover, was sacrificed for us."; and also, Rev 5:1-12 !

  But, the Easter celebration is held by the Roman Catholic Church and all of Her [so called Protestant*] Harlot Daughters.

 Passover and Easter are two very different observances, on two very different days, with a great many more different types of customs and rituals associated with them.

   *What I mean by Protestant , is all the various Protestant Denominations that have sprung up from the Catholic Church, since the time of the "Reformation".

   Such as :  Anglican, Apostolic, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Charismatic, Christian Science, Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of the Nazerene, Desciples of Christ, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalian, Evangelical, Four Square Gospel, Full Gospel, Fundamentalist, Lutheran, Methodist, New Apostolic, Non-Denominational, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant, Quaker, Reformed Church of Christ, Reformed Church of God, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, Trinitarian Church of God, United Church of Christ, Wesleyan and Worldwide Church of God. These are the main denominations with many more sub-sect denominations.

The above always observe "EASTER", with all the trappings.


  The following observe Easter in various degrees, although their most Mainstream congregations do not :




  The next few do not observe Easter at all : ( but they are still very twisted in their Theology, Especially the Mormons)

  Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints - Mormons

  Jehovah's Witness

       In any case...

   We shall look at these obvious differences between Passover and Easter, and as to why the Passover is the "Only" authorized feast that YaHuWaH and His Son Ordained and Observed !!!

            Messianic Natsariym     Catholic/Protestant Churches

                 PASSOVER                           EASTER

             Unleavened Bread              Sun disc wafers

          New Wine/Grape juice           Fermented Wine

                                                 Some use Grape Juice

                                                        Easter Eggs

                                                      Easter Bunnies

                                                      Hot Cross Buns



   Passover is observed on the 14th day after the New Moon (which can fall on any day of the week);

  While "Easter" is always observed on the first "Sunday" after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox.

   Our Savior, YaHuWSHu'A the Messiah, was our "Passover" and was nowhere in scripture associated with the Pagan feast days of "Ishtar". In fact the worship of "Ishtar" goes all the way back to Ancient Babylon and was part of the rituals as set up by Semiramis, the very first "Earth Mother" (aka. "Queen of Heaven").

   So what does Shaddai 'El YaHuWaH have to say on the false worship of Pagan Idols, False gods and all of the heathen rituals that are associated with Easter.

 Jeremiah 44:23, 25.

       "Because you have offered incense, and have sinned against YaHuWaH by not listening to what YaHuWaH has said unto you; Because you have not lived by His Law, His statutes or His instructions, that is why this disaster has befallen you, even unto this day... YaHuWaH 'Elohim of Yisra'el said unto them, 'You and your wives have stated your intentions with your mouths and have performed them with your hands saying, "We will certainly perform our vows that we have made, to offer incense to the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out our drink offerings to her"'.

 Deut 12:1-4 (regarding Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles) [verses pagan worship practices]

       "These are the statutes and judgements that you are to observe and do in the land that YaHuWaH, the 'Elohim of your fathers shall give you to possess. That you may do them all the days that you are upon the earth. In the lands of the nations that you shall possess, you shall totally destroy the places wherin they served their gods. Whether they be on the high mountains, upon the hills, or under the green trees. You shall throw down their alters, their pillars, burn their groves with fire; you shall cut down all of the graven images and destroy from that place, all the names of their gods. You shall not worship YaHuWaH thy 'Elohim, as they worship their gods."

   Ok, now let us look at all the vain traditions and rituals that the Catholic Church has adopted, from the Pagan worship of the Ancient Babylonian "Ishtar". All of these traditions and rituals, the Catholic Church has passed down to all the Protestant Denominations (Listed above).

   1. Sun Disc wafers : Do these look familiar to you ?


    Notice the multi cris-cross thing on this one.

   And exactly how did this Sundisc wafer thing creep into the "Churches" ?

       I call the following pictures a form of CON ART ! Because over the course of time, people are conned into believing that it is "Christian" ; and somhow a normal, regular practice of Worship.


See "him" pointing to the Sundisc ? Like that somehow makes it, Ok .

Then I saw this one...

Here is some more CON ART...


            The Maddonna and Child thing                            And Look at this Blasphemy

And it all stems from this :


Have you noticed several connections to Ancient Babylon in all of this ?



Looks like Sun Worship to me !!!

But let's go on...

   2. Fermented wine : Note that there is a great difference between New Wine and Fermented Wine. First of all, we need to understand that Our Savior was without sin, without blemish, "without corruption". Fermented wine is commonly known as corrupted grape juice, as it has gone from a pure state into a form of decay. Fermented wine can continue to decay to the point that it becomes Vinegar. In fact during the fermentation process, one has to remove the bacterial fungus that grows on it.  SO... Pure, freshly squeezed grape juice (New Wine) is without corruption or decay and is in line with the Purity of our Savior and the uncorrupted sacrifice that He provided for us ! But again, I must say that the incorporation of this fruit of the vine (not fermented wine) and the unleavened bread (not Sundisc wafers), should be observed only on The Passover, just as our Savior instructed us; (Matt 26:17-19 ; Luke 22:7-20 ; 1 Cor 11:23-25). The night that He was betrayed was the evening of the Passover, Not Easter !!

   3. Easter eggs : Beginning in ancient Babylon, then Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome (in that order). And now with the help of "Mystery Babylon the Great" the Mother of Harlots, The Whole World plays the Ishtar egg thing. All the way back into antiquity, eggs were a spring symbol of fertility. Lavishly colored and decorated for their spring festivals. These eggs were then hidden by the Ishtar Bunny for children to find on Ishtar Morning. What is really funny, is that children were eventually also taught that the Ishtar Bunny laid the eggs (that is a real stretch of the imagination, but children are still being taught to believe in Satan Claus also, aren't they?).

   Ishtar Eggs are a big thing during Easter :


And here are some rather Famous Ones :


   4. Easter bunny : First off, Easter Bunnies have been a symbol of Fertility since Semiramis/Ishtar first instituted it in Ancient Babylon as part of Her Spring Festival Rituals. Bunnies, or as they are also known, Hares, are well renouned for their Multiple Births. I mean they procreate at a phenominal rate, don't they ?

   I remember a comic illistration where in the first frame there was Two bunnies in a grassy yard, and in the very next frame the yard was full of little bunnies.

   Further research showed that it was in the 1700's that German settlers brought their ancient Pagan tradition of the, "Oschter Haws" (Easter Hare) to the American Pennsylvania Dutch. The "Children" were then taught to prepare nests for "Oschter Haws" either in the garden or in a barn before Easter. On Easter Eve, the Easter Hare would then lay the eggs [just like a chicken] in the garden or barn. The Easter Hare also kept a Naughty and Nice list (just like Satan Claus), and if the "Children" were good, then the Easter Hare would leave them brightly colored (Hard boiled) eggs. This Tradition became very widespread, and gradually grew into the idea that the Ishtar Bunny not only laid the eggs, but hid them around the yard for the Children to find (hence the Ishtar Egg hunt). And then whoever found the most eggs won a special prize.

   Why are Little Children taught by their "Christian" parents that the Eastar Bunny is capable of laying hard boiled Chicken eggs ?


          No, they did not lay those eggs !


            Hmm !  Happy Beaster ?


           Yea , I Know !

They're also taught to sit on Santa's lap !   Oh, the lies People teach their children. But Satan does not mind people worshipping him in all of his various forms; as long as they are distracted from worshipping YaHuWaH "El Shaddai ! So please remember folks, We are instructed not to Worship Our Heavenly Father in any false way, but to worship Him in Truth (Yohanan [John] 4:23-24) !

I'm not sure about this hunk of chocolate!



Don't forget that all churches, whether they are Catholic, Protestant or Charismatic; "Easter" is one of the BIG money makin' times of the year, along with; St.Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Halloween, and of-course Christmas (the Biggest).

P.S. "and the merchants of the earth are made rich through the abundance of her delicacies."

Prior Easter Services at some of the Mega Churches scattered around the Nation.


   Now, if each person put just $1.00 into the collection tray, that would be quite a bit. But, consider the totals when there are many $5, $10, $20, $50 and even $100 dollar (whether cash or check) donations tossed into the collection plate ? ( A lot of people are led to believe that the more they con-tribute to these (and many other False Prophet congregations); they are storing up treasure's in heaven. 'Elohim does not need the Money, and it won't be sitting there waiting for you. The greatest deal behind this attempt to Fleece, or actually Fleecing people out of their hard earned money, goes all the way back to the "Indulgences" that was Pushed by the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages, and handed down to all of Her Harlot Daughters.


   Freely we have been given the Word of 'Elohim. And we are to Preach and Spread the Besorah (Good News) just as Freely !!!

       Let's go on.

    5. Hot Cross buns : Originated in Ancient Pagan Customs, and were obsorbed into the Medieval (mid-evil) Catholic Church. One of the ancient traditions is that a "Bun" was taken from the batch and hung from the ceiling as a symbol of "Good Luck" to ward of Evil Spirits [ is that a form of worship or reverence to a hunk of "leavened" bread?]. Prior to the adoption by the Holy Roman Catholic Church, hot crossed buns were made in honor of Eastre, the goddess of spring and the dawn, also known as Eostre, the spring goddess of love and fertility. The trace of the crossed bun has gone all the way back to Ancient Greece, well before the time of the Messiah. The crossed bun was served during the Pagan spring festival Honoring the Goddess Eostre. In any case it comes from Ancient Pagan worship practices. And from some of my research, the Ancient Egyptians used in the worship of their Spring Goddess, a type of round cake that was decorated with a representation of Ox horns, in the image of a cross. So, it would be safe to say that the use of "Crossed Buns" go all the way back to the Ancient Babylonian Worship of Ishtar, of whom the name and other ritual practices, have come all the way down to the present "Easter ritual traditions".  During Jeremiah's time, the women in Babylon were condemmed for making these "cakes" to the "Queen of Heaven" (Yermiyahu [Jeremiah] 44:19).


   Don't these all look a bit Familiar ?

Symbolism adopted from Pagan Antiquity !

       P.S. If you look up the Ancient Babylonin symbol for the Woman, you will get this in your search !

   And what happens when you place the cross inside of the circle ?

Ok, let's go on.

   6. Fleur-de-Lis : Let's start off with the "Easter Seal" !


   The Fleur de Lis, is also known as the "Easter Lily".

   Everyone is very familiar with this design and its association with Easter and the Easter holiday. But exactly where did they get this design ?

Yes, from Ancient Babylon/Assyrian !


   And also as found in other Cultures through time :


   This last one below is from Hindu origin; but I wanted to use it for the fact that not only does it depict the Fleur de Lis at the top of the stave, but also that the mark on the forehead is in the same style. Furthermore, you may see the "Halo" thing around the head. And you can see the "Catholic" Two finger symbol in the right hand.

       Now, I am not really down on individual persons that are within the Catholic community, or even in all of the Protestant Christian Denominations. What I am down on, is the widespread acceptance of all those Pagan Practices, Rituals, and Traditions by the "Catholic Church" and Her "Harlot Daughters" ! ! !

   They, ( the "Catholic Church" ) long ago Grafted these Ancient Babylonian symbols, etc. into itself in order to gain control over all of the Heathen cultures and the "Christians".

   And finally, the Spirit of the Anti-Messiah has been at work to wear out the Saints (Messianic Natsariym), since the time of the Apostles :

   1 Yohanan 2:18   "Little children, it is the last time: and as you have heard that Anti-Messiah shall come, even now there are many anti-messiahs; whereby we know that it is the last time."

   1 Yohanan 4:3   "and this is the spirit of the Anti-Messiah, whereof you have heard that it shall come; and even now, is already in the world."

   And as far as the Pope, and his Cardinals, Bishops and the regular Clergy members are concerned; who are all known as "Fathers"(remember,"call no man father")...

   2 Corinthians 11:13-15   "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, who have transformed themselves into apostles of the Messiah. And no wonder; for haShatan is able to transform himself into a messenger of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers are also transformed into ministers of righteousness; and their end will be according to their works."

   My final comment on this, is from the book of Revelation 18:4-5

       "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, 'Come out of her my people, that you may not be partakers of her sins, and that you may not receive her plagues. For her sins have reached into the heavens, and 'Elohim has remembered her iniquities'."