1. Dinosaurs after the Flood !

We must remember that the Really Bad and Extremely Altered Dinosaurs were killed off during the Deluge of Noachs (Noah's) day. They were destroyed because of their corrupted attributes and excessive sizes.

2. Giants from the times of the Naphalim and Nephalim, down to the Giants of our times.

The original descendants of the Naphalim (the Nephalim) were destroyed at the point of the Flood in order to eliminate them from having the ability of direct propagation within the renewed earth that YaHuWaH had promised Noach (Noah). The Giants that have been born after the Great Deludge (such as Nimrod, Anak, Og and Goliath) were of the corrupted/polluted and degraded DNA that was passed down through the wife of Ham and their eventual offspring. And then again has trickled into the variety of contemporary ethnic lines as a result of intermarriage between diverse nationalities.




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This section will be on Dinosaurs, etc.

((Many of the creatures that were brought onto the ARK were in fact not the adult versions that people would imagine. An example would be that a baby male and female Elephant takes up less space than an adult. Same would go for an infant male and female Giraffe, etc. As after the flood was over, the creatures would be able to grow naturally in the pristine conditions of the Earth at that time.

And now...

The Thunder lizards, from antiquity, up to our present times.

Yes, there are Dinosaurs still living on earth today !!!

Scientists have proven that as long as a "Reptile" is alive, they continue to GROW in size.

Here is a small selection of examples to consider...


And how about those that have been found in the Fossil Record, that was laid down in the sedimentary layer after the Deluge?

The truth is that the most TERRIBLE of the Dinosaurs (i.e. Triceratops. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor), were destroyed in the Great Flood. But not all the base species were eliminated. That is why we still have strange and unique animals, reptiles, and even birds on the earth today.

But let us concentrate on the Reptile lines. As it was the various Post-flood "Dragons" that were made mention of in many of the Myths of England, China, India and others.

Here is an Archaeological find that definitely places man and dinosaurs living at the same time together.

Alvis Delk PrintThis shows that a dinosaur left his print, on top of a human footprint. which means that the Dinosaur came along the trail, after the man had ventured by the same location.

Anyway, all these stories of Giant Lizards, Dragons, etc., can be traced from the time of the flood all the way up to the Dark and the Middle Ages, with a few siting's having been verified into the 1600's.

That is why scientists have stated the fact that Reptiles continue to grow , as long as they continue to live.

Just think of how LARGE these would become if they were allowed to live 500, 700, or even 900 years... as it was just prior to and for an extended period of time after the flood.

The following are the Living examples (the descendants) of those "Thunder Lizards".





)           Green Basilisk, Alajuela, Costa Rica.jpg






This section will be for the extended study on Giants, from the lineage of the "Daughters of Man" (i.e. Cain) found in the book of Beresith [Genesis] !

The specific offspring of the Naphalim through the daughters of Cain, became known as the Nephalim.

And then genetically through a daughter, that in time joined with Ham as his wife, and into his offspring (through Cannan and Mizraim) that became known as the Giants; such as Anak, Og, Goliath, Lamhi, Ishbibenob, etc.

I will include a "Family Tree" showing the line of these Giants, and how their genetics have trickled down to our day.

But, for the time being...

Here is a small sample of some Contemporary Era Giants:

Edouard Beaupre.JPGEdouard Beaupre' - 8'3".  He displayed his strength by bending iron bars and lifting horses.

More Very Tall People...

 Notice his left foot on the floor !




 Robert Wadlow - 8'11"

Leonid Stadnyk.jpg Leonid Stadnyk - 8'5"

 Xao Ming - 7'6" , Shaquille O'neal - 7'1"


English Dictionary:



  1. abnormally great development in size or stature of the whole body or of parts of the body, most often due to a dysfunction of the pituitary gland.


British Dictionary:


  1. Also called: giantism, an excessive growth of the entire body, caused by over-production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland during childhood or adolescence
  2. the state or quality of being gigantic


Medical Dictionary:



  1. The quality or state of being gigantic; abnormally large size.
  2. Excessive growth of the body or any of its parts, especially as a result of oversecretion of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Also known as giantism


Let's look at some of the famous "Giants" that have been chronicled down through history after the giants of Goliath's time?

First I would like to give a brief summary of the controversy surrounding some of the Archeological finds regarding "Giant Skeletons".

Although there have been photos that have proven to be altered/photo-shopped. I will include in this study, factual and truthful evidence from secular sources, that support the Scriptural account of the word of haShaddai 'El YaHuWaH !

So, let us look at the scriptures that speak of the Naphalim and Nephalim.

First we shall look at the scriptures regarding the Naphalim.

Who exactly were the Naphalim ?


And who were the Nephalim ?














Here is the chart of the "Family Tree" from the time of the Naphalim and the daughters of men (offspring of Cain [pre-flood]) to the descendants through Ham [post-flood], and down to our present day.

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