Here are some interesting ties that Bind !

The Masonic Order

for the Ladies...


How often do you see this particular Icon displayed in Advertisements, Movies, TV Shows; or as designs on clothing, wall decor, tatoos; and even on National Flags ?!


From now on...

See how many times you may notice it !

(Now you understand what is meant by "Hidden in Plain Sight"!!!)

On this Study Page we will look at some of the other Holidays that The Catholic Church has been instrumental in pushing upon the world Psyche. Yes, both consciously and "subconsciously"!

The reason that I mention the terms Consciously and Subconsciously, is because the following holidays ("Holy-days") established by the Catholic Church, have been set up to affect mankind (both religious and secular).

   Consciously : Because people see things that are associated with it. Stuff that some people in the Messianic Community have termed as being Hidden in Plain Sight.

   And Subconsciously : Because there are many things that are associated with these holidays that are at work in the minds of Men and Women, at a subliminal level. And can also be termed as being Hidden in Plain Sight.

   This is because haShatan (Satan) works at all levels in order to distract and turn away mankind from the True Understanding, and the True Worship of YaHuWaH 'El Shaddai !

   Besides the RCC (Mystery Babylon the Great [and Her Harlot Offspring); This also includes all of the other 'False Pagan Religions' that were scattered around the Globe since the collapse and dispersment of the peoples from the original Babylon (approx. 400 years after the flood).


   Let's take a look at all the religious type or style of Holidays that are celebrated by both the Secular and Religious communities, around the World [in calendar/cronological order] :

       1. Epiphany : This holiday is celebrated on the 6th of January (and begins the MARDI GRAS Festival in Louisianna [and we all know that Mardi Gras is full of all kinds of Pagan Parties, Drunkeness and Sexual Imorality in a very wide variety of forms and fashions].

   And yet there is an even more important ritual that is associated with this "Holi-day", that was instituted by the Catholic Church; and is followed even by the Protestant churches. It is known as the "Epiphany Star" procession (or parade). Let's take a look at some of these forms of Veneration and Worship of the "STAR" of Epiphany. This "STAR" is supposed to be the "STAR" that led the Magi to Herod. Furthermore, this veneration of the "STAR" becomes worship of the creation (the star), and not the Creator !

Announcing the Epiphany and Mardi Gras festival


This "Star" was hanging in a Church for Epiphany! This star is a.k.a. the "Star of Mendes".  

Google } Baphomet , or click link --->

P.S. See box in right column ------->

~~~~~~~  But let's go on with the Standard "Epiphany Star" stuff.

And remember that these false forms of Worship are always taught to the Children so that they can pass these Pagan Rituals onto their children!


Remember, that the Catholic Church pushes Veneration and Worship of this "Star"!


Catholic Epiphany Service (above)

Epiphany in Lithuania

Epiphany in Poland

What does a Dragon/Snake have to do with the Epiphany Celebration ?

Lutheran Epiphany Service, (above)

    Another Catholic Epiphany Service (notice that the Throne of Pope Frances is just below the Throne of their Queen of Heaven (Semiramis/Tammuz , Isis/Horus , etc; etc; etc.).

   Here is another illustration of Pope Francis, paying Homage to an image !!

P.S. Please notice the Headress of Dagon

    Ok, let us go on to the next Holiday that the World follows after.

       2. Valentines Day : This Holi-day is another major money maker for the "Merchants of the Earth" as it is observed by both the Church and Secular society. There is so much that is associated with this day. I will give you a considerable amount of info on this, but you can research this for even more than what I can place on this site.

   First of all, it goes back to the Catholic Church, which states that it is a memorial to at least 3 Saints named either Valentine or Valentinus. During the time of Emperor Claudius Ceaser ll (who stated that unmarried young men made better soldiers than married men), it is said that this "Valentine/Valentinus" person (which ever one of the "three" he might have been, if he even ever existed) married young men to young maidens to help keep the men from having to serve in the Roman Military.

   Whatever the reason for this Valentine/Valentinus being made a "Saint", it is even more interesting to note that the "Catholic Church" instituted the Feast Day/Holi-day of St. Valentines day during the Pagan holiday of Lupercalia.

   Lupercalia was observed on the ides of February (Feb 15th). This Pagan festival was to honor the fertility goddess Faunus, as well as the she-wolf Lupa, who is said to have raised and nurtured Romulus and Remus (the founders of Rome). The Roman "Priests" of this festival use to sacrifice a goat (for fertility) and a dog (for purification), then the priests would cut strips of hide from the goat, dip the strips in the 'mixed' blood of the sacrifice and then go about through the streets and slap the strips of bloody hides on the young maidens. The women did not mind this ritual as they were led to believe that it made them more "Fertile". After being slapped with the bloody strips, the maidens would throw their names "written on pieces of paper" into a big urn. Then the young men would pick out a piece of paper and then be "Mated" with the maiden whose name was written on it (hence the origin of the Valentine Card thing). No dinner and a movie, just pick a name and off to fornicate. Sometimes even in public.

   Lupercalia survived the rise of "Christianity" and was absorbed by and into the Catholic Church, and renamed St. Valentine's Day by Pope Gelasius around the end of the 5th Century A.D.; and he made the 14th of February, the day of its observance [just one day difference from the pagan Lupercalia].

   It's amazing just how the Catholic Church was able to change this Pagan Feast-day into a "Christian" Holy-day, just by giving it a christian sounding name with the title "Saint" attached to it !

   But what else has come from Pagan sources, into this Pagan holiday, with its Pagan rituals; yet adopted by the un-holy "Roman Catholic Church" ! 


   Let us look at the Iconography of "The Heart".

        In the city/state of Cyrene there was a plant (now extinct) known as the Silphium. This plant and its seed pod was used as a means of "birth control", as orgies and other rampant sexual behaviors necessitated its over use (which accounts for it now being an extinct species). Anyway, it had a seed pod with a very unique shape. It was rare even in the 7th century B.C., and as a result was commemorated on a coin of the same time period. [See Cyrenian coin below]

This heart shape symbol has been associated with sex and fertility because it is said that the soft round shape resembles the female body. First, the Pagan Cyrenians thought that it resembled not only the female pubic mound; but also the females pair of plump, firm breasts. And also the female buttocks.

   But how was it further developed into what we have been taught and raised with ?

       Yes, the Catholic Church again. They adopted it into one of their most important ritual forms of Worship. So now we get to look at how the "Catholic Church" incorporated it into the common human psyche, over the centuries.

    P.S. Notice the Right Hand sign gestures !!

  This one intrigues me. He is holding his own heart ?!  Hmmm !!

It went from just a heart shape, to one with a cross sticking out of the top of it !!


I must remind you of this specific shape of the "Heart" as illustraed by the Catholic Church !

   How about the Heart with an Arrow shot through it ?

  I'm not sure, but it looks as though this little fellow is giving a well known hand signal/gesture with that thumb against his nose !

   YES, how did the Arrow get mixed up in this "Symbol" ?

   Well, this goes all the way back to... Yes you guessed it : Ancient Babylon !

 The Ancient Babylonian symbol for the "Male" is this :

    The circle with points radiating from it.

It later became illustrated as the following:

Later styles are as follows...

 Although it has a square instead of a circle, it still has a point coming out of it !

 A cave drawing

 A Renaissance illustration (even has the Bow incorporated into it)

All the way down to our more contemporary style

  Anyway, the Arrow portion eventually became a part of the Heart Iconography.


  Besides the Candy thing, Jewlry is a BIG Ticket expenditure item on this Holiday ! (Rev 18:3)

   But Candy is still a major Money draw from Children to Adults !

   But let's get back to the Arrow through the Heart thing...

  And how "Cupid" figures into the mix.

   That's right, it also goes all the way back to Babylon and Nimrod. The Mighty Hunter against YaHuWaH (Gen 10:9). If you do some serious research regarding this Nimrod person. You will discover that the reason he was so Tagged in the Scriptures was because he was a "Hunter" for the hearts and souls of men, in order to draw mankind away, in rebelion against Shaddai 'El YaHuWaH !

   So, with the help of his mother Semiramis. He was elevated to the level of being "a God". And since the use of the Ancient Pagan Horoscope thing known as the Zodiac (has the same root from where we get "ZOO"). Nimrod in his Pagan glorified state has become known by many names [before being nicknamed "Cupid"]. Here is a short list of names in which you may find several to be familiar. (in Cronological Order)

Keep your eye on recurring Items} i.e. staffs, spears, bows, arrows, wings;



Tammuz (below)


Baal (below)


Aries (below)


Eros (below)

   Later became identified with/as "Cupid" !

Jupiter (below)


  Notice the little statue of Winged Mercury [aka: Mars and Nike] in his right hand.

Sagittarius (below)


Below is a female rendition of Sagittarius :

Nike (below)


    Nike can also be identified as both Male and Female (just as Satan can/does)

Oden (below)


Woden (below) [aka: Odin]


Valentine (below)


 Below is St. Valentine depicted as a Little Boy, with "Wings" !!


Finally The Modern "Cupid" thing.

 Give me my Bow !

  Now he is a Happy Little Brat !

 Practice, practice, practice .


No Bow? Just force yourself upon them, and then Stab them with the Arrow !!


Ok, enough with the Valentines Day, Ritual Practice, Heathen Tradition, Cupid Worship Thing !

Now, on to the next Catholic instituted Holiday...

St. Patricks Day :



Will the Real Saint Patrick, please sit down !!

   This holiday was started by (or should I say "Authorized" by) the Catholic Church in the early 17th century (approx. 1625). A religious holiday that is celebrated on the 14th day of March. Named after St. Patrick (a.d. 385-461) who is commonly recognized as the Patron Saint of Ireland (the Land of Ire [ look up Ire in a dictionary ). { " ire " as in irate; meaning angry, and to show forth Anger.


   St. Patricks Day was made an official "Christian feast day" observed by the Catholic, Anglican and Protestant Churches. Especially observed by the Irish Catholics, but has even become a very well known holiday among the Secular society as well.

   The Catholic Church instituted several types of celebrations such as Parades, Festivals, the wearing of Green, and the Icon known as the Three Leaf Clover (of pagan origin).

   Besides the "Church" services that are observed, the Catholic Church lifts the Lenten restrictions, thereby promoting gluttony, and encouraging the "Holiday Tradition" of the excessive consumption of "Alcohol". Then along comes Drunkeness and other forms of improper behavior.

   But let us look at the "Feast Day" that the Catholic Church decided to hold this on.

   The St. Patrick holiday was so placed by the Catholic Church in order to coincide with the Pagan Irish spring feast of "Ostara" (Goddess of Spring) held on the Vernal [or Spring] equinox. Ostara even has the elements of the Bunny and Eggs in her worship rituals. She [Ostara] is also known as Eostre. Yep, you got it, the same as "Ishtar". Amazing all the Pagan traditions that "Mystery Babylon" has adopted, and then passed down to the present, and all she has to do is give them "Christian" sounding names.

   The Three Leaf Clover :

       The Ancient Celts, or Druids revered the Clover as a sacred symbol known as the Triskelion, or Triquetra. It had a multiple of Celtic Trinitarian meanings, such as :

Spirit, Mind and Body

Mother, Father, and Child

Past, Present and Future

Creation, Preservation and Destruction

   And also Three World representations :

1. Otherworld;   Gods, Goddesses and Spirits (Demon worship)

2. Mortal world;   Man, Animals and Plants  (Creation Worship)

3. Celestial world;   Sun, Moon and Stars  (Horoscope, Zodiac, ect.)

   But of course the "Catholic Church" only came along and gave them another meaning to add to the long list that they already had.

The pagan/catholic Three Leaf Clover icon/idea of, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


It is totally amazing how the "Catholic Church" can take this Pagan Symbol and turn it into a "Christian" thing just by saying that it represents the Catholic Trinity.

My next question is, "If this one clover is supposed to represent the Trinity"...

Then what do all of these represent?

 Maybe this is what the scriptures mean by "Many lords and many gods" !


   The Oak : The oak is another sacred Irish symbol that has come down from the Celtic worship of Dagda (aka. Odin, Zeus). The Druid word/term for Oak is duir (traces back to the Celtic term "Druid"). Even more interesting is that the direct translation of the Celtic word Duir , is Door. This goes back to the Ancient Celtic superstition that Spirits lived in Oak Trees. The Pagan Celts would not hold their pagan worship services (including the worship of Ostara) except in and around a "Sacred Oak". They believed in the tree spirits and that touching the "Sacred Oak" brought good fortune. They would often knock on an Oak tree and say hello to the "Tree Spirit". This ancient custom has been passed down to the present day, known as "Knock on Wood".

   Also the Celtic Oak thing involves the view of the "Roots" that show their ancient connections to "Mother Earth", an important part of WICCAN Worship (Witchcraft).

... Notice root symbolisim

 Please note Pentegram stars, cresent moon and the


And how about Halloween?

Summary study on

the facts and truth

concerning the Origins

of Halloween

        All of the information presented within this study can be found and researched in many historic and collegiate literary works, including: The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary, and the book Fossilized Customs.

        Although there are some more ancient references to some of the following mentioned Icons and practices. Such as the Black Cat thing**, the Witchcraft thing and the Child Sacrifice thing.

        Let's begin a little more sooner to our time in History.


        Dating back to around 200 years B.C.E.; there was a Celtic tribe of Druids that were known as the Germani. This branch of the Druids included the Norsemen, Vikings and Picts. The Druidic priests had full control over the masses and all the parents lived under the rule and authority of these "priests". These parents lived under the constant threat and fear of having their children chosen as participants in the Druid "priests" festivals.

        The Druidic priests demanded child sacrifice and the child was selected from a group of children who were made to stand in a circle with marker stones and a wooden pole in the center.

        The Druidic term for child was the word "Yule", and the chosen child was bound up securely, and then burned alive as a "yule-log", on what was called a "Bone-fire". The term bonfire has trickled down to the present day and is still usually very large, though no longer utilizing children as logs.

        The two Druidic terms: hailag - ev'n , became later known as Hallowed evening, then All Hallows Eve, and now simply as Halloween. Anyway, it all goes back to the Druidic festival of demon worship known as the Samhain (feast of the dead).

        But how did it change from the death cult of child sacrifice to what is observed today?

        When the first Roman Catholic missionaries encountered these Druids, they met with some very stubborn resistance from all of the Druidic inhabitants of Angle Land (England), Sverige (Sweden), Neder Land (Netherland), Finne Land (Finland), Eire Land (Ireland) and Deutsch Land (now known as Germany in honor to the Germani Druids).

        The Druidic Samhain was held on Oct 31st and Nov 1st, and known as Hailag Ev'n and Feast of the Dead. The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) came along and changed it to Hallows Eve and All Saints Day.

        Anyway, it was a dreadful occasion nonetheless, since it was still believed that the souls of the dead walked the land. Hence the Druidic priests had a long list of ghastly things full of myths and rituals to accompany this Festival called Samhain (aka Halloween).

        Let's look at this list of rituals, etc., and see how the Catholic Church enculturated them into Her realm of influence.


        Gifts : especially food were left outside as treats for these so-called roaming dead (Ghosts). This was thought to protect the household from any harm.

        Witches : were believed to fly around on their brooms over the crops in order to help the crops to grow. It was some sort of fertility myth propagated for hopes in a bountiful harvest.

        Black Cats : were considered to be a very bad omen and avoiding them was of utmost concern. Crossing their paths were believed to be even more ominous and a bringer of very bad luck and curses.

        Jack-o-Lantern : the Druidic priests chose certain children for their sacrifices that were burned on the "Bone-Fires" as an offering to ward off "Evil". The fat that ran off from the children was collected and fashioned into candles and then placed into carved out pumpkins and called the "Jack of the Lantern".

        Here is some more trivia. The parents tied "Yellow Ribbons" around oak trees as prayers in hopes of having their child(ren) spared from being chosen as a sacrifice. This prayer was offered up to their Druidic god "Oden" (aka Woden). This Druidic deity has come down to the present, having been honored by the un-holy Roman, Catholic Pope Gregory XIII in the year 1582 a.d..

    This pagan deity was given a place in his weekly lineup as the 4th day of the week known as Wodens-day (Wednesday).

        The aforementioned Druidic pagans were not forced to give up any of their heathen rituals. Instead, the Roman Catholic church absorbed the pagans through their acts of "Acculturation". The RCC simply afforded allowances in order to accommodate their barbaric rituals and then just began camouflaging them over time.

        Here is a sample of what the "Catholic" church did. In the year 609 a.d., they took control of the Roman "Pantheon". It was the Roman temple of all the Roman gods (Pantheon). The Catholic church turned it into a Cathedral, and renamed it the Church of the Blessed Virgin and All Saints.

        The statuary (idols/graven images) of all the pagan "gods" are still there. The Roman Catholic church has just renamed them as "Hallowed Saints" in order to be more appropriate within Catholic christianity. And these statues are still being venerated (bowed down to) and worshipped by the Roman Catholic "Faithful".

        As a result the Catholic church coincided the festival of these "Hallowed Saints" as officially authorized in 835 a.d. by Pope Gregory IV, thereby successfully absorbing the festival of Samhain into the Catholic church.

        And we still see this in the Witch myth thing going on, the carved out "Jack-o-lantern" pumpkins with hideous features carved into them and featuring a burning candle inside, Black Cats, and now all the children are encouraged to portray the myriad's of "Walking Dead" (ghosts, goblins, witches, demons, etc.) and the hundreds of other manifestations, as they go around getting various kids of "Treats".


      ** As mentioned at the beginning of this study, many of these (if not all) practices, go way back into Antiquity. For instance the Black Cat (Bastet)

   ( Bastet was an Egyptian Goddess )    


goes back to Ancient Egypt, and this was prior to the time of Moshe (Moses) and the Exodus.

        But we are even told that all of these forms of wickedness were prevalent before, during and immediately after the time of the Exodus. As the children of Yisra'el were forewarned of the corruption of the gentile peoples like the Philistines, the Amorites, etc.


Let's Read :

   Wayyiqra (Leviticus) 19:31   { ISRV

      "Do not turn to mediums, and do not seek after spiritists (wizards and witches), to be defiled by them. I am YaHuWaH thy 'Elohim."

      And also :

   Debarim (Deuteronomy) 18:9-12a   { ISRV

        "When you come into the land which YaHuWaH thy "Elohim is giving you, do not learn to do according to the abominations of those gentiles.

        "Let no one be found among you, who makes their son or their daughter to pass through the fire [1], or one who practices divination [2], or a user of magic [3], or one who interprets omens [4], or is a sorcerer [5], or one who conjures spells [6], or a medium [7], or a spiritist [8], or one who calls up the dead [9].

        "For whoever does these are an abomination to YaHuWaH,"



1. Child sacrifice

2. Augury (one who foretells events by observing signs and events, aka. seer / soothsayer)

3. From the term Magi, an observer of times ( the Zodiak/horoscope )

4. An Enchanter

5. Witch or Warlock

6. A Charmer of incantations

7. A Consulter (channeler) of familiar spirits

8. A Wizard

9. A Necromancer (one who communes with the dead)


        Enough said !!!


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