I suppose that I could also Name this page as the Militant Catholic Agenda. As it will not only address the acts of the Catholic Hierarchy but also and most notably, the Jesuit Order of the RCC. This is because the Jesuit's and its strict followers, are the Militant Arm of the "Church".







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This exposes many of the plans and attacks of Mystery Babylon the Great, upon the lives and minds of men.

Revelation 13 ; Revelation 17 ; Revelation 18

   First I shall show you, the Disciple/Student the many things that the Catholic Church instituted contrary to Scripture, directly Violating the Word of YaHuWaH 'Elohim. And also, many [items marked with an * ] that were transfered to and adopted (out of ignorance) by the Protestant Churches. (CE=Common Era, aka. AD.)

1. CE 300 : Praying to and for the Dead.* Violation of Deut 18:9-11,12

2. CE 321 : Changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.* Violating Deut 12:32  Probably the most egregious violation of the Word of Elohim (Ex 20:8). Interesting to note, is that in CE 321 the Pagan Emperor "Constantine the Great" decreed Sunday as the Official State Holiday (aka: The Venerable Day of the Sun) and Sylvester I (314-335)[ Catholic Bishop of Rome {Pope} put his stamp of approval to it. Then in CE 363, at the "Council of 'Laodicea'"; it was formally confirmed by the "Catholic Church", forbidding all 'Christians' from observing the Bible Sabbath, and further decreed that anyone observing the "Seventh Day Sabbath" to be an enemy of the "Catholic Church" !!! { Mark 7:7-9 ; Rev 3:14-17 ; Rev 18:24]. Finally, we are not to let any man (Including the Pope, Catholic Church, or any protestant denominations) judge us in the obsevance of the True Sabbath Day, as set up and Ordained by the Almighty 'Elohim, YaHuWaH.{ Colossians 2:16 ]

The Catholic Ten Commandments : (as established by St. Augustine CE 387-430)

         1.    I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.

       (( They removed the second commandment, the part where they are forbidden to worship Idols, Graven Images, etc. ; and moved the rest up one step [Dan 7:25]))

2.     You shall not take the name of the Lord God in vain  (3)

3.     Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day  (4)

4.     Honor your father and your mother  (5)

5.     You shall not kill  (6)

6.     You shall not commit adultery  (7)

7.     You shall not steal  (8)

8.    You shall not bear false witness (9)  (( and to keep it at "Ten Commandments" the "Catholic Church" split the next/last one into two.))

9.     You shall not covet your neighbor's wife  (10)

10. You shall not covet your neighbor's goods (10)

 For your view : http://www.beginningcatholic.com/catholic-ten-commandments.html

3. CE 375 : Veneration of angels and dead saints.

P.S. The "Blessed" St. Augustine declared in approx. CE 412, that "Rome" was the Spiritual "City of God", and that it was no longer Yerushaliyim (Jerusalem). Violating Rev 3:12 ; Rev 21:1-3   {See books 11-22 at http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/1201.htm ]. I will add, that St. Augustine was into Pagan Ideas of Manichaeanism and Neo-Platonism, further mixing them in with the already distorted beliefs of "Roman Catholicism".

4. CE 431 : Worship of Miryam (Mary) instituted. Violation of Isaiah 42:8

5. CE 431 : Mary declared the "Queen of Heaven".  Violation of Jeremiah 7:18

6. CE 431 : Mary declared a virgin forever. Violation of Mark 6:3

7. CE 431 : Mary declared the "Mediatrix". Violation of 1 Tim 2:5

8. CE 593 : Doctrine of purgatory, by Pope Gregory. Violation of John 5:24

9. CE 600 : The Roman Latin language declared to be the only language allowed to be spoken, for prayer at Catholic mass. Violating 1 Cor 14:9

10. CE 709 : Kissing the feet of the Pope Ordered. Violation of Rev 19:10; 22:8-9

11. CE 785 : Mary declared co-redemtrix. Violation of Hebrews 7:25

12. CE 788 : Worship of cross, relics, images authorized. Violating Ex 20:4; Ps 115:4-8

13. CE 995 : Canonization of "Dead Saints". Against Rom 1:7 and 1 Cor 1:2

14. CE 998 : Fasting on Fridays and "Lent". Violating [and against] 1 Timothy 4:1-6

15. CE 1079 : Celebacy of the Priesthood declared ordering married priests to cast off (Divorce) their wives under sanction of the Catholic Church. {fulfilling 1Tim 4:1-3 ] Violating 1 Tim 3:2-5 ; and also 1 Tim 3:10-12 ( I suppose that the "Catholic" Priestcraft conveniently forgot that even "Peter" had and kept a wife [Matt 8:14-15] )

16. CE 1090 : The institution and use of the Rosery "Prayer Beads". Violating Matt 6:7 (Budhisim, Shinto, Hindu, Muslim/Islam and the Catholic Church, all use the heathen practice of repititious praying and the counting of the beads)

   Buddhist Prayer Beads (notice light gray colored beads in main strand)

   Shinto Prayer Beads (notice dark red beads in main strand)

   Hindu Prayer Beads (notice dark green beads in main strand)

   Islamic/Muslim Prayer Beads (notice shiny ribbed beads in main strand)

And of-course The Catholic Church has adopted the pagan practice of the "Prayer Beads".

   (Notice the Amber Beads spaced in the main strand)

   (Notice the Spaced Beads seperated within the main strand)

These spaced beads seperate what is known as "The Five Decades". Beginning with (1)The Apostles Creed [to first spaced bead], (2)The LORDS Prayer [to second spaced bead], (3)Ten Hail Mary's [to third spaced bead], (4)The Glory Be to the Father [to the fourth spaced bead], (5)The Fatima Prayer [ back to the large Head bead at the crucifix tassel ] .

There are "Four"spaced beads known as the "Four" Mysteries. And at each spaced bead the devotee is supposed to go into the "Meditations" on the "Mysteries". They were first instituted and standardized based on the "Long Standing Custom" performed by Pope Pius V in 1571.

 The "Four" Mysteries are (one for each seperated [spaced] bead) :

       1. Joyful Mysteries (5 parts)

       2. Sorrowful Mysteries (5 parts)

       3. Glorious Mysteries (5 parts)

       4. Luminous Mysteries (5 parts) [ Pope John Paul ll fully recomended them, especially the "Luminous Mysteries" - Mysteries of Light]. Also to note is that part #5 of the "Luminous Mysteries" regards the Adoration of the Eucharist - the "Wafer" host...[see 20. below] P.S. The Devil, haShatan masquerades as an 'Angel of Light'? [2 Cor 11:14]


The Catholic Church thinks that all they have to do is add a "Cross" to it, in order to make it OK !

17. CE 1190 : The doctrine and sale of Indulgences. Violating Eph 2:8-9 ( For those that do not know; this was a practice of people giving money to the "Clergy" in exchange for time off in Purgatory and to store up "Treasures in Heaven". It has trickled down into the present and into the many * denominations of the church [especially the 'Mega Churches'through their various preaching techniques, in order to fleece people out of their hard earned money. The People are so easily swindled, only because the "Clergy" [false teachers] keep them uneducated from the truth.

18. CE 1215 : Dogma of "Trans-substantiation" (the wafer actually being the 'Body of Christ' [Corpus Christi]). This is in direct Violation of, and a fulfillment of Matthew 24:23-24

19. CE 1215 : Confession of sins to the Priest was ordered. Violation of and against Psalm 51:1-10 ; furthermore, we are encouraged to go directly to "Our Heavenly Father" to ask for the forgivness of sins, 1 John 1:3-9. And Finally, our Savior himself never came off at any time, saying, ' Go do 6 Hail Mary's and a couple of Novenas, plus don't forget to drop some money into the offering box' ! (Luke 7:40-48 - just one example)

20. CE 1220 : Adoration of the "Wafer" host. Violation of Matt 24: 23-24; John 4:24


21. CE 1265 : Catholic Church declares that "Mary's House" was moved from Natzaret, Yisrael all the way up to Lorenzo, Italy; by an Angel. I don't know , but, I think the Catholic Church is Lying about this.

22. CE 1439 : Purgatory declared to be "Valid Dogma". Violating Matt 25:41-46 ; Hebrews 9:27 ; John 5:24

23. CE 1545 : "Church Tradition", Equal or Superior to Scripture. This is totally against Deut 12:32; Mark 7:7 and 9 ; Col 2:8

24. CE 1580 : Pope declared to be "Lord God". Fulfilling 2 Thess 2:3-4

25. CE 1710 : "Stuffed Donkey" decreed to be the "Actual" donkey that YaHuWSHu'A entered Yerushaliyim upon. This appears to be a form of Idol, Image and Icon worship, and severely violates EX 20:4-5. I firmly believe that this "Stuffed Donkey" thing is just another fabrication of the Catholic Church; and what's more interesting, is the amount of people who continue to "Believe" and "Trust" the Catholic Church with this obvious Lie.

26. CE 1864 : Miryam declared to be "Without Sin". Violation of and against Luke 1:46-47 ; Romans 3:10 , 23.

27. CE 1870 : Papal infallability decreed. Further fulfillment of Rev 13:5-9 ; Rev 18:24

30. CE 1922 : Pope declared to be "Jesus Christ" on earth. Fulfilling 2 Thess 2:8-12 ; Matt 24:23-24 ; Mark 13:21-23

[Romans 8:33-34]

Satan the Devil, and his ministers (the Priest's and False Prophets), seek to condemn us, on all possible fronts.

The Truth !

"Sirs, 'What must I do that I may be saved?'" And they said, "Trust in the Master, Yahuwshu'a the Messiah, and you shall be saved." { Acts 16:30-31 )

This very same Messiah, YaHuWSHu'A ... Hebrews 7:24-25

Psalm 110:4 { Our Savior is once and for all, the True Priest, Forever !

Hebrews 5:6 ; 5:10 .; 6:20

Hebrews 7:15-17 { Our Savior, YaHuWSHu'A, the only High Priest, Forever ! !


The following will be an interesting study on the...

                 "Jesuit Theatrical Mission"

  Have you ever wondered about the phrase : "Life Imitates Art" !



   Although it goes back well before the time of the Renaissance. I will bring this up to and more current with our contemporary times.

   Riding the crest of Human Exuberance, the Jesuit Priest - Athanasius Kircher (following in the canonization of Ignatius De Loyola) contributed powerfully to Jesuit Theater and Sensory Experience. He (Athanasius) fathered the Modern Camera Theory with the Laterna Magica, projecting sharp images through a lens upon a screen. Kirchers work further influenced the creation of the Kinematicscope in 1861, the Kineoscope in 1868, and then finally with the inventions by Thomas Edison of the Kinetograph (camera) for filming action to be shown through his Kinetoscope (projector) in 1894.

   All this came to be known as Kinema (Cinema) named after a Jesuit Professor by the name of Eusebio Kino, who stated:

   "Indoctrinating American audiences to the underlying messages of Jesuit Theater and Roman Catholic Theology, is that knowing and obeying scripture is not necessary in comprehending good and evil, or in doing justice under Natural Law. In order to contain the flock, men of Catholic Action will fail in their duty if they do not try to direct the thoughts of the populace or to influence the politics of their province."

   Let's get a little bit more up to date.

       Shortly after WWII, (The False Christ and Prophet) Pope John XXII, gave the Jesuit Order an even broader horizon in regards to theater, in his encyclical, titled: "Looking Ahead"

   In this he stated, "Men must be brought into a much closer communion with each other, and they must become more Socially Minded (Socialisim). The technical arts of cinema, sound broadcasting and television can achieve this aim far more easily than the printed word. Thus, the Catholic Church is keenly desirous that these means be converted to the spreading and advancement of everything that can truely be called good, embracing the whole human society within the Orbit of Her (the Catholic Church's) Divinely Appointed Mission. It is the further duty of Bishops; that should any stray from this course, to rebuke them, and if necessary, to impose upon them appropriate sanctions (Blacklists, Blackball). Positions of film Producers and Directors must be entrusted to men who are experianced in cinema, sound broadcasting and television, under the guidance of a Jesuit Priest specially chosen by the Bishops. At the same time, We (the Pope and Inquisitor General) urge that the faithful of the church, particularly those who are militant in the cause of Catholic Action (Jesuits and their proteges), be suitably instructed, so that they may appreciate the need for giving to those offices, their willing, united and effective support. Furthermore, we must utilize to the fullest and pushing the bounderies of the rights afforded us in the freedom of speach, the press, and of expression."

                       Even more recently ...

   (False Christ and Prophet) Pope Paul VI's 1964 Decree titled:

"Among the Wonders" { read Matt 24:24; Mark 13:22; 2 Thess 2:9-12

   "It is the Church's Birthright to use and own, the press, the cinema, radio, television, and others of like nature*; and a special responsibility for the proper use of such communication rests on journalists, writers, actors, designers, producers, exhibitors, distributors, operators, sellers, critics - all those who are involved in such transmission and communication."

   *This now includes CD, DVD, and Video Game Technology.

Regarding the above underlined persons, Pope Paul VI goes on to state:

   "They have the power to direct mankind, by the information they impart and the pressure they can exert**. It will be for them to regulate the economic, political and artistic views in such a way that will not conflict with the Common Goal of the Church; by chronicling, describing and representing moral evils, that with the help of such means of communication and dramatization to lead mankind to a deeper knowledge (Gen 3:1-5) and analysis of man, and to the manifestation of the truth and good 'in all mankind's splendor'. this will identify today's entertainment as a successful 'Jesuit Theatrical Mission' ".

  **Consider Political and Commercial Advertisements. {read Rev 17:1-2; 18:1-3)

Some further resources you may do research in:

   Peter de Rosa on "The Vicars of Christ and the Jesuits", by Bartel pg. 260

   Look up, Cosimo d'Medici, who developed the tactic of "Learning against Learning"; located in the Medici Library, Florance, Italy. See both of the following Weblinks.

 { http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=aa24#717

 { http://www.granddesignexposed.com/pdf/RulersofEvil.pdf , see chapter 4 beginning at pg.19-24)

   Also, try the "Oxford Dictionary of the Popes", or "History of the Popes"; regarding ( Leo X, Clement VII, Paul III ), and also check into a Respectable Encyclopedia for the Biography/History of Lorenzo, Giulio or Cosimo d' Medici.


The following Information is from the Columbian Cyclopedia, Volume 16, copyright 1890; under the heading titled :

   JESUIT, n. [F. Jesuit; Sp. Jesuita] a Jesuit -: member of the order of or society of Jesus, founded by Ignatius deLoyola in 1534; a religious order in the Catholic Church, renowned for the zeal, learning, and the 'address' of its members: hence, an intriguer; crafty person. Pertaining to the Jesuits; crafty, deceiptful. The principles and practices of the Jesuits; cunning, deceipt, hypocrisy.

   Much time and further research brought forth the following :

       Jesuits, the celebrated religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, which has filled a large space in the Ecclesiastical and even the Political History of the world. It was founded in 1534, by Ignatius of Loyola. A Papal Bull on Sept. 27th 1540, bound the Society with a vow of complete obedience to the Pope, and to go into any country that the Pope might indicate to them. And in the Following year, 1541, the association was practically inaugurated at Rome, by the election of Ignatius deLoyola as its first (Jesuit) General.

(remember, that the Jesuit Order is the MILITANT Arm of the Catholic Church)

       The long exercises (works) of the novitiate were designed by Ignatius, in order to form the individual character; in the habits of personal holiness and practices of personal peity (self righteousness). It is the business of the Jesuit Schools and Colleges to form the social character of the future teachers of men, and directors of the destinies of society.

**They have the power to direct mankind, by the information they impart and the pressure they can exert**, It will be for them to regulate... economic, political and artistic views.

Any of this starting to Ring Bells !!

 Here I need to advise you to the "Medici Effect", it is also known by the title of  "Learning against Learning".

   The Medici Effect was first developed by Cosimo d'Medici (approx. CE 1440); and brought even further, into the tactics of the Catholic Church by both Giovanni di Lorenzo d'Medici 1475 - 1521 (aka. Pope Leo X) and Giulio d'Medici 1478 - 1534 (aka. Pope Clement VII 1523-1534).



Cosimo : http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/schools/projects/renaissance/medici.html


    (Pope Leo X)

Giovanni : https://www.google.com/#q=giovanni+di+lorenzo+de%27+medici+assassin%27s+creed



Giulio : https://www.google.com/search?site=&source=hp&q=giulio+de+medici+pope+clement+vii&btnK=Google+Search&oq=Giulio+d%27+medici+&gs_l=hp.12..0i22i30l4j0i22i10i30j0i22i30l5.99187.114406.0.123000.


Now that we are looking at Historical Items around the year 1534 of the common era, let us look at just how close the Vatican and the Medici influence took root and has been so influential, even to this day !

We already know that it was in the year CE 1540, that the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was officially bound to total obedience towards the Papacy, by Pope Paul III.


Pope Paul III (Alessandro Farnese)

   And it was during this same period in History that ("Saint") Ignacio de Loyola, became well aware of the discoveries made by of one of his contemporaries Martin Luther.

 Ignacio de Loyola (CE 1491-1556)

 Martin Luther (CE 1483-1546)

   In order for the Catholic Church to survive the Reformation as set forth by Martin Luther. Ignacio de Loyola needed to find ways to discredit Luther. One of the Tactics that Ignacio used was the widespread teachings of "Medici". This was to propogate and set forth various teachings in contrast to the "Catholic Church". This tactic of the Jesuit order was to pit one idea against another, hence "Learning Against Learning".

   The Jesuit Order and of course The Papacy, devloped the strategy of establishing various ideas of theology and dogma that caused the populace to consider contrary trains of thought (Controversies). All this in the hopes that the "Catholic Church" may steer the people back into the Catholic Fold.

   After the deaths of Martin Luther and his adversary Ignacio de Loyola, the fight between the truth of scripture and "Catholic Dogma" continued. The first successor of Loyola was Diego Laynez, although his position of Jesuit General was short lived. Here is a brief history on the succession.

At the death of Ignatius in 1556, Francis Borja was expected to be the second Superior General. However, his ambitions were hampered by Giovanni Pietro Carafa, Pope Paul IV (1555-1559). Carafa immediately nominated and secured Diego Laynez as the 2nd Jesuit Superior General. Pope Paul IV died in August of 1559 and was replaced by (Giovanni Angelo de' Medici) Pope Pius IV. Jesuit Superior General Diego Laynez was close to both.

However, shortly after Pope Pius IV rounded up, tortured and murdered Benedetto Accolti and other members of a plot by Papal families, Cardinal Francis Borja made his move and Pope Pius IV was poisoned to death on December 9, 1565.  A few days later, Superior General Diego Laynez suffered the same fate of poisoning.

 And soon after that Cardinal Francis Borja was unanimously elected the Third Jesuit Superior General.

       Sounds as though Francis Borja had a serious Lust for Power.


   The successor of Martin Luther was John Calvin (CE 1509-1564)

But let us go on

   The Jesuit thirst for the Control of the Minds of Men continued into the Realm of the Jesuit Colleges, aka. Schools of Thought, "Higher Learning", Seminaries, etc. I will include a List of many well known Jesuit Colleges later on in this study.

   But let us now go on with an outline of the Jesuit Order.

   In Paris, France (CE 1542), a house for novices was founded by Ignatius de Loyola. The already established University of Paris opposed the introduction of the Jesuits. Controversy immediately developed as the Courts and Parliament became increasingly alarmed by the broad and various opinions which had found their way into the Jesuit Schools. The Parliament, attributed to the Jesuits a sinister use of Jesuit influence within the courts, usually in the form of threats and blackmail. Furthermore, it was with great difficulty that the French Parliament in Paris, finally consented to the authorization of the Jesuit establishment.

   In the Netherlands, in 1562, Diego Laynez, the Second Jesuit General of the Jesuit Order, opened a College at Louvain, which eventually became one of the greatest colleges of the Order. In the "Protestant" kingdoms, the Jesuits were only able to obtain entrance (usually covertly) as simple missionaries. And in many places, with great difficulty and peril. The Jesuits often resorted to the art of disguise, and generally bore false names. Several of the Old Roman Catholic Mansions still show the "Priest-hole", that was contrived as a retreat and even as a means of escape for them in case of sudden emergencies.

   In the Wars of the (Catholic) League, the Jesuits found new enemies (Google - St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre); and at length, the assassination of King Henry lll in 1589 by Jacques Clement (a Catholic fanatic who attended one of the Jesuit Schools). Although there was plenty of circumstancial evidence, no direct evidence of Jesuit involvement was brought forth in the case against Clement.

   Nevertheless, the Jesuits were expulsed from France in 1594. And then they were re-instated in 1603, but were soon involved in another conspiracy upon the assassination of Henry lV in 1610.

   A less deep but more permanent and formidable movement against them was gradually stirred up against the Jesuit Order at a later period, by the questions as to the imputed Laxity of the Moral Teachings of the Jesuits, and their corrupt and demoralizing causistry. The laxity of some of the Jesuit causists was mercilessly exposed by the celebrated Lettres Provinciales of Blaise Pascal, who represented them as the authorized teachings of the Jesuit Order; and the Crafty Maxims and Practices ascribed to the Society were placed squarely before the world, in a light that is fatal to the reputation of the Jesuit Body.

   In vain did the Jesuits insist that the causists had been condemned by the Society, yet Pascal's claims remained; and whatever were the logical merits of the controversy, the Provincal Letters were but a foretaste of the acrimony of later controversies. The Jesuits stored up for themselves an accumulation of animosities in the most various quarters, most notably - the Lawyers and Courts - which were destined to bear bitter fruit in their later history.

Link #1 ) http://arcticbeacon.com/docs/Pascal/Provincial_Letters_of_Blaise_Pascal.pdf  start at pg. 86 of 188

Link #2 ) http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/phl302/texts/pascal/letters-contents.html : scroll down to Pascal's Letter X and read on from there through Letter XVlll.

   The Provincal Letters were originally written by Blaise Pascal in 1657. But I want to go back a few years to the time between 1618-1648, known as the Thirty Years War. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty_Years%27_War

   In the Roman Catholic Territories of Germany, the Jesuit institute was recieved with general and immediate favor, and the Jesuits were even recieved into many Diocese and given full charge of the Episcopal Seminaries that were newly established there.

   Before the Death of the First Jesuit General (Ignacio de Loyola) in 1556, the Order could recon in Germany 26 colleges and was able to say that there was scarcely a German town of note that did not have a Jesuit College. The abilities of the Jesuit Order, and their thorough devotion to the Roman Catholic Church, made them formidable Polemics (foes who are skilled in the art of Controversy and the practice of Theologican Disputation). In the provinces of Hungary and Transylvania, much bitterness arose out of their introduction; and through the whole course of the "Thirty Years War", the Jesuits were regarded as the Soul and Centre of the Roman Catholic Camp.

   In the push by the Jesuits to expand and establish Jesuit Colleges in their sphere of Catholic Provinces (World Wide), the Jesuits effected entrance almost from their foundation; and they eventually had more than One College available in these provinces for the "Education" of the Youth. In Ireland this developed into the almost Fanatical Militancy of the "Irish Catholic Arm" of the Roman Catholic Church.

   But still, there was a much more broader field for the enterprise of the Jesuit Order, known as the "Missions to the Heathen". The results of their missions into China (see Mateo Ricci 1552-1610), and into Japan were extraordinary.

   Mateo Ricci : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matteo_Ricci

  Notice the Sun Disc over his left shoulder.

    The Re-occurring Pagan Theme

 Chinese...  Japanese

       Above all, the Jesuits addressed themselves to the great want of their time, which was Education; and through the mastery of which they soon obtained in this very important field, as well as their eminence in every department of learning, (ie. Divinity, Philosophy, History, Scholorship, Antiquities and Letters). They attained unbounded influence in every sphere of society. The organization of the society of the Jesuits is setteled in every important particular, by the original Rules and Constitutions of (St.) Ignatius deLoyola. In addition to these public and avowed constitutions, there also exists within the society a means of guidance for their hidden actions, and for the direction of the "Thoroughly Initiated Members". This means of guidance is a secret code, entitled Monita Secreta (Secret Instructions), which was meant to be reserved soley for the private guidance of the more advanced members, and which was not to be communicated to the general body. It (the Monita Secreta) was also to be boldly repudiated by all, should its existance at any time be suspected or discovered.

   First written and published by and for the sole use of the Jesuit Order in 1614. Here is a link for you, to be able to read it for yourself.


   In Portugal, the Jesuit Order was directly implicated in treason against the Crown and the attempted assassination of King Joseph l. As a result of the attempt, Joseph l issued a decree in 1759 expelling the Order from Portugal.

   Around 1754, Jesuit Priest, Father Antoine La Vallette was charged for engaging in illigal commerce. This brought Madame de Pompadour against the Jesuit Order. Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci failed to correct the debts and the Merchants of Marseilles prevailed against the Order. In 1764 they were suppressed in France by Royal Edict.

  Jesuit corruption via Spain has continued since the 1500's, as the Jesuit Order pushed out further and reached deep into North America, Central and South America.

  Above all, their establishments in the Southern Continent, in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Roman_Catholicism_in_Hispano-America).

  And along the Pacific Coast into California, from 1769-1833 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_missions_in_California).

   These were to be "Missions" of Secular Civilization as much as religion. And if one is to take a good look at the present conditions of many of the Native Indigenous Peoples; you can see the results of disease, and the labors, influence and demands of the early Jesuits.

   Consider all of the Influence, Inclusion and Fusion of Pagan Ritual Practices that were adopted by the "Catholic" religion, by looking at the worship parades and processions that are within the various mainstream "Catholic" countries Worldwide. Each country has a different and deep mix of Pagan Customs that have been blended in with the Catholic forms of worship. As the Catholic Church afforded these various countries the 'Rights' and 'Abilities' to worship their Heathen Ideals under the umbrella of "Christian" Themes and Names.

   Before I go into some of the more Contemporary History of the Jesuits. I wish to remind you (the Disciple Student) of the Fanatical Insistance of the Roman Catholic Church to Force People into Obedience of the Papal Order/Holy See. What I mean by "Fanatical Insistance" is that the Roman Catholic Church has and will find ways to try and get people to abide by their dictates. Usually by trickery and fear.

Let's back up quickly, for an over-view of the Roman "Catholic Councils".

Beginning during the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, there were causes to restrict the True Natsariym of YaHuWSHu'A by the edict's of Constantine, as mentioned elsewhere in these studies. But to bring us up more currently, I shall list several Councils that the "Catholic (Universal) Church" utilized in order to set itself up, to (Rule) "LORD" itself over mankind, through the self declared temporal "Power" of the Pope.

   The following "Councils" were :

   Nicaea... 325 CE; Constantinople 381 CE; Ephesus 431 CE; Chalcedon 451; Constantinople ll 553 CE; Constantinople lll 680-681 CE; Quinesext 692 CE; Nicaea ll 787 CE; Lateran l 1123 CE...

   ... Now, I am speaking of the Secon Lateran Council of 1139 (AKA. The Tenth Ecumenical Council). This was when the Papal Decree of Punishing Heresy/Heretics became part of Catholicism. I was more gruesomly instituted and used during the Reign of Pope Innocent lll (1198-1216 CE). { Here is an interesting note: Lotario de Conte di Segni, called himself "Innocent lll"; and yet he was guilty of instituting the most terrible forms of torture used by the "Catholic Church".  [https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/Inquisition.html]

   Papal Inquisitions ( 1255-1288 CE and on ), 

   Spanish Inquisitions ( 1481-1808 CE ) https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/Inquisition.html,

   Portuguese Inquisitians ( 1536-1765 CE ), 

   Roman Inquisitions ( 1588- still in effect) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Inquisition,

   The Holy Inquisitions [Witch Hunts] ( 1404-1692)[some in scattered places till >WWll<], 

   among many other slaughters**. ( Rev 18:24 )



   **The Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits were (and still are) directly responsible for the atrocities throughout history: {Below are just a few more]

   St. Bartholomew Massacre 8/22/1572 (18,000 murdered)

   Irish Massacre of 10/23/1642 (40,000 murdered)

   The War of 1812

   The Murder of Abraham Lincoln

   The Slaughter and Displacement of the Native Indians of N. America

   The Slaughter of millions of Armenians in 1914

   And yes, even the Nazi Holocost of WWll*... (Rev 18:24)



   * Hitler, and (Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli) Pope Pius XII...


And Other Jesuits...  


The above caption reads: The Archbishop Pacelli, future Pope Pius XII leaving the Presidential Palace in Berlin, in March of 1929.

P.S. The Pope and the Jesuit Order helped many of the German Gestapo SS Military Elite escape capture and the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945-1946. Giving them safe passage to South America, most noteably "Argentina" and "Brazil".

   Here's more info on the Nazi Facist Axis between Franco, Hitler and Mussolini...

   We must remember that it was Pope Pius Xll who supported and backed the above named Facist's. He was also very much involved and instrumental in the advancement of WWll, as all three countries (Germany, Italy and Spain) were deep Catholic Strongholds. It was also Pope Pius Xll that helped to orchestrate the concordant between Germany and Japan.

   It is also interesting to note that although Japan was severely weakened with all of its supply lines severed as a result of the steady standard bombings to its mainland. And even though Japan was poised and ready to surrender; The "Order" was still given to H-bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Even more recent was the Korean War.

   And then During the early years of American involvement in the Vietnam War, John F. Kennedy began the de-escalation of troops in the Vietnam War and was immediately taken out of the way (Assassinated) so that Lyndon Bains Johnson, followed by Richard M. Nixon, (both good catholic sympathizers) could escalate and increase our involvement in Vietnam.

  Notice all the Jesuit Priests behind Kennedy and Pope Paul Vl.

They did not like the fact that JFK was not bending to the wishes and desires of his advisors, who were themselves being directed by the Jesuit Order of the Vatican.

It was during the Term of Richard Nixon that the escalation of the Vietnam War into Cambodia, led to the Shootings of Students at Kent State University in Ohio by the "Army National Guard" (sent by Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes), where 4 Students were Killed and many more were wounded. Furthermore, there was an appearent order to shoot given, and then a subsequent cover-up. Oopps, we did not mean to shoot unarmed students.

Now, as we come up to the present after the last 40 plus years. We see that the world has been imbroiled in many more wars, and Horrible Acts of Genocide.

The above, and many other assorted Atrocities have been instigated and perpetrated by the (un)- Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, The Vatican, the (un)- Holy See, the Jesuit General, and the Papal Militia known as the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus). { Rev 2:2 ; "and thou hast tried them which say they are Apostles, and are not, and hast found them to be Liars." ]

There was a quote by Marcet de la Roche-Arnaud, stating, "If you want to incite trouble, promote revolution or produce the total ruin of your country, call the Jesuits !"




Remember "The Medici Effect" - Learning Against Learning

Such as the teachings of Evolution v. Creation (Gen 1:1-28); Gay Rights v. Natural Law (Romans 1:18-32); etc.; etc.; etc. The long and very large list of controversial subjects and all of the various conspiracy theories that have been promulgated, have been so done by the Major Institutions that are run by the Jesuits.

List of Jesuit Colleges -- in the United States

(There are many more than those listed below)



Best Known :

Boston College, Chessnut Hill, Mass.

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.

Creighton University, Omaha, NE.

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA.

Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore, Md.

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.

Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL.

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH.


List of Jesuit Colleges -- Worldwide

(There are many more than those listed below)


On the following link, wait for the map to totally upload: 


Most Notable :


INDIA:  Loyola College, Chennai; Madras, Tamil Nadu

JAPAN: Sophia University, Tokyo

LEBANON: University of St. Joseph, Beirut

PHILLIPINES: Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan de Oro City


GUATEMALA: Universidad Raphael Landivar

MEXICO: Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City

NICARAGUA: Universidad Centroamerica, Managua


Croatia: Filozovski Fakultet Druzbe Isusove, Zagreb

Germany: Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt

Italy: Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome

Poland: Jesuit University of Philosphy "Ignatianum", Cracow

Spain: Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid

England: Oxford University at Champion Hall, Oxford


Manatoba: St. Paul's College University, Winnipeg

Ontario: St. Regis College, Toronto

Quebec: Loyola College, Montreal


Argentina: Universidad San Salvador, Buenos Aires

Brazil: Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Rio de Janeiro

Chile: Universidad Jesuita Alberto Hurtado, Santiago

Columbia: Pontificia Universidad de Javeriana, Bagota

Ecuador: Pontifica Universidad Catolica, Quito

Paraguay: Instituto Superior de Estudio Humanisticos, Asuncion

        (AKA: Superior Institute of Humanistic Studies){Secular Humanism]

Peru: Universitario Jesuita Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Lima

Uruguay: Universidad Catolica de Uruguay, Damaso Antonio Larranaga, Montevideo

Venezuela: Universidad Catolica Andes Bello, Caracas