This page is for the expression of things that have, at various times, been brought to my attention.

In the Davidic thought, just as he put into Song those things that were set before him, through the course of his life. I sing unto YaHuWaH a New Song from my heart, regarding those matters that have come about in our generation.

David was an accomplished musician, and he wrote on a wide range of subjects that we deal with in this life. As David sang out his concerns in the midst of trials and tribulations crying out to YaHuWaH for his Care in Righteous Judgment and Mercy , he also Gave Praise to the Almighty 'Elohim for his unwavering Love and Grace.

Suggested Scripture opening; Tehillim (Psalm) 150:1-6

1.Halle-lu-YaH ! Praise 'Elohim in His Set-apart place! Praise Him in the firmament of His power! 2.Praise Him for His mighty deeds! Praise Him for His surpassing greatness! 3.Praise Him with the blast of the trumpet! Praise Him with the lute and the harp! 4.Praise Him with the tambourines and with dance! 5.Praise Him with loud cymbals! Praise Him with crashing cymbals! 6.Let everything that has breath praise YaHuWaH! Halle-lu-YaH!

Make a joyful noise : Tehillim (Psalms) 81:1 ; 92:1-3 ; 96:1-3

Cry unto YaHuWaH : Tehillim (Psalms) 3:1-4 ; 5:1-4 ; 35:1-4 ; 86:1-7 ; 88:1-3

Trust in YaH : Teh (Psalm) 91:1-2

I pray you enjoy these works and receive its contents with Spiritual understanding. Eventually I hope to place an audio link with each poem/song.

List:  Bright and Morning Star



           Down Under Dog




           YaHuWaH 'El Shaddai

           Call You By Name

           My Song to You is Unending

(((Save script. ref. >Stand = Teh (Ps) 59:1-2 ; 140:1-3)))


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It was my Grand-Father Silver that had instilled in me (as far back as I can remember), the spiritual and scriptural foundation that served me best growing up. Even when I went into the rebellious years as a teenager and the subsequent Prodigal Son stage.

Well, it was having gone through those very troubling times that I penned this:


(Originally written 1976)

© 1991 Guy Oddo


I was walking one day

Walking away

Choosing my own road

Not knowing the way


I plunged ahead

Life was so dead

Everything I did

Put me in the red


So, again and again

I would run from my pain

Nothing seemed different

It all stayed the same


The world closed around me

My soul wasn’t free

Then I heard you

And your words let me see


That things are different

And changing each day

My skies are Blue now

Not dismal and gray


You gave me shelter

And you gave me strength

I’m glad you knew what to say




Now I see rainbows on days

When I’ll stand and gaze

At all the beauty

 Of light through the haze

Fresh air at dawn

Some dew on the lawn

Hoping days like these

Would go on and on


Seeing smiles on your face

That just light up this place

Filling my whole world

With your Love and Grace


None meets the mark

Nor matched who You Are

You’ll always be the Bright

And Morning Star


Now that you’ve shown me

Just how things can be

Why is the rest of the world

Not at ease


People out stinging

Like Hornets and Bees

Christ, Take me away from here



            I had already noticed for a long time how “World Events” continued to get progressively worse (politically); And how problems in the “Middle East” (Arab countries and Islamic Jihad), continued to get more extreme and emboldened. Here we are many years later, and GOD is still answering our prayers. Heb 13:5-6

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© 1992 Guy Oddo


Dark Days

No sun days

Sad Days

And Bad days


Dear YaH hear me

I know You see me

And You know what I’m Praying


That soon I’ll get some relief

From all this torment and grief

Somewhere out there I believe


Mankind’s gone


Warfare is



Just one solution

From this pollution

Of a Spiritual kind


Mankind has sure sealed his fate

‘Cause this world is so full of Hate

Tomorrow may just be too late



Your hearts


Did His part


If You Believe it

You will receive it

Peace Eternally


Behold, the Messiah is calling to man

To join in His Fathers Glorious Plan

Forever Yah’s Kingdom Will Stand


We all struggle against the snares, temptations and attacks of the Devil, our adversary, Satan.

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Down Under Dog

(originally written in 1982)

© 1991 Guy Oddo


He thinks that he’s really cool

Sly all the way

Out looking for a fool

Each and every day

Tries to mess up my life and

Mess up your life too

Always doing something mean

But that’s nothing new


 He’s a terror

He’s a crime

He ain’t wasting any time

No good

Lying Devil

He ain’t ever on the level

Mass confusion

And illusion

Fills your mind up with a fog

Really crude

That ol’ dude

Number One Down Under Dog

We all know that he’s a drag

Trouble all the way

Always comes on with brand new games

And tries to make us play

Temptations come on strong

Just one thing to say

YaHuWaH help me overcome

And make it through the day


Back in the Turbulent years of the 1980's, the world had finally made me throw my hands in the air and exclaim, "Why has everyone and everything gone 'Haywire'?" It was another one of those times where the information highway was in a bumper to bumper gridlock of things happening. My mind was having a real tough time sorting out all the dirt, that quickly turned to MUD.

Sure the Current News seemed like a repeat of things that had been in the news before. But it all became quite evident (at least to me) that all those things were starting to happen at a more concentrated rate. And of-course, me, being the scripture student that I am, equated it immediately with the Verses found in Psalm 2:1-4; Matt 24:4-13; Romans 1:18-32; Rev 22:10-16.

The most interesting thing about this particular Poem, is that it has all gotten much worse in the years from then till now... and it is getting even worse at a much more alarming and accelerated rate.


© 1990 Guy Oddo


On T.V.

And in the paper also


Or on the Radio

Up the street on any block

Something's happening

Around the clock

Things are getting tough these days

From Illegal Immigration





Who don't care

Never have and never will

A few may care

But even still

Wasting lots of good food and

There's people dying of Starvation



And ghetto scenes


In war machines

Black market

And magic too

Politicians cheating you

What do you think of your state

Let alone the whole Damnation





                Every Songwriter or Poet conceives of a work, usually in relation to some life experience. And that is also how it was with me. My Dad was really into details (part of his job description). He was a real Info-holic! Therefore, this one was written because of the regular onslaught of radio talk shows and news broadcasts, TV spots, and Headlines in the paper. It was a total media collage of World Events.

            As a result of all of this INPUT, I just had to input my half pennies worth and say something about it myself. So, here is my opinion on the Matters”. And realize also that I originally wrote this back in 1973. Besides, it seems that things on the World stage keep thundering along, with the powers that be just making things harder for the rest of us. But nonetheless, I am still very optimistic about the eventual outcome.

But First : Headline… Yesteryears News – TODAY !

Click link below to hear: Destruction


(originally written 1973)

© 1991 Guy Oddo


There’s a place we all know of

A world that we all love

There’s good things a plenty

But the problems are many

I learned me a lesson

In one single session

It was quite quick and painless

And nobody’s blameless


Look at the City

Now ain’t it a pity

Crowded and smoggy

Dog eat doggie

The pollution ratings

Are escalating

Dangers are mounting

And nobody’s doubting


We’ve been alerting

That the ecology’s hurting

And can you imagine

The world wide damage

Of nuclear fusion

And its molten pollution


When will it all end ?


Cause not much more and this world’s headed for

Destruction !



       Those of You, who have been part of this ministry for a long time, have come to know and understand my expose' on the topic concerning the "RAPTURE". One specific Scripture Reference I would like to place here is : Yohanan (John) 6:40 " And this is the will of Him (YaHuWaH) who sent me (Yahuwshu'a), that everyone that sees the Son, and believes on him, may have everlasting life: And I (Yahuwshu'a) will raise him up on the Last Day." {Yohanan 7:37 {see Various Topics #2 and also the Study on YaHuWaH's Set Apart (Holy) Days).

So, to all the true worshippers of YaH...

There's a day

Not far away

When we will see

A better place


So don't despair

Just stay aware

And we'll sing for joy

'Cause we'll be there


Someplace in space

At a slower pace

Than that kept by

The Human Race


That's left behind

To feel the grind

Because they just won't

Change their mind


'N' I bet they'll think

Right at the brink

That their Sh*t, well

Just doesn't stink


Then will come the Truth

With all the proof

'N' they'll realize

They made a goof


'Cause even now with what I'm Saying

Very few will get down praying

In their heart a song uniquely

Come Yahuwshu'a

Please come quickly


Yes, times are changing


Things are really

Getting Strange 'n'

There doesn't seem

To be a gleam

Of hope left for the

Other team


But we're the winners

Though all are sinners

Messiah will come

And make us pure


Evil men will

Hunt to capture

That's why they'll miss out

On the Rapture


Another thing that was part of my youth was the regular camping and hiking trips to many beautiful places. Seeing the glory of YaHuWaH's great creation over the years, the Spirit moved upon me to write this:

Click link below to hear: YaHuWaH 'El Shaddai'El%20Shaddai.mp3


YaHuWaH 'El Shaddai

(originally written 1980)

© 1991 Guy Oddo

((Tehillim (Psalms) 66:1-2 ; 105:1-3))


I could sing of tall green trees

Of birds aloft upon a breeze

About a river and its flow

Or mountain peaks all capped with snow


I could voice my thoughts of lakes

Or different patterns one cloud makes

A meadow filled with golden grains

Misty mornings or heavy rains


I could give a tune or two

Of sunny days and skies of blue

Or sunsets and the quiet nights

The Galaxy's of starry lights


I could speak of elk or bear

Or many creatures everywhere

And of the fish that's in the sea

And all these things that interest me


But this one thing I know is true

All these things were made by you

Halle-luw-YaH, I shall cry

To You, YaHuWaH 'El Shaddai


Years ago, I was doing some very intense studies as a result of several friends wondering why I kept referring to Our Heavenly, The Almighty God and Father of our Savior YaHuWSHu'A the Messiah. So this song is in full respect and Honor to YaHuWaH, the One True "Elohim. Tehillim (Psalms) 34:1-3 ; 111:1-4.

Click link below to hear: Call You By Name

Call You By Name

© 2003 Guy Oddo

(Originally written 1998)


I thought I knew

Many things about you

But not the one thing that I should


I read through your word

And my ears what they heard

I feel it’s not all that I could


Your works are well known

And Your prophets have shown

That the righteous shall live life by Faith


Your Will Shall be Done

‘Cause Dear God you’re the One

It’s to You that my heart and soul prays


So when I call out

With my voice a great shout

In a song Hallelu-Yah I sing


There’s a place in that phrase

That alone gives You Praise

And it’s found in a verse of a Psalm


All the Patriarchs knew

The Apostles did too

And Your people they all do the same


If someone should ask

Are we up for the task

With the strength to announce You by Name


Your Word said a few

Would be given a clue

By the tug that is placed on their hearts


They’ll neither reject

And they’ll stand to protect

What the Spirit You gave to impart


Though the masses have turned away

Yet we the few will stay

Exalting You and Your Fame


From our lips it shall flow

In our eyes it will show

Joy just to Call You by Name


Ohhhhhh, YaHuWaH

We praise You God full of peace

Ohhhhhh, YaHuWaH

We’ll praise You God, Eternally


My Love for You is Unending

Many a time, there has been that special occasion, where I had difficulty trying to say just the right words, in just the right way. Yes, even I can have those moments when I am at a Loss for Words!

You know… When the power of the moment combined with the strength of the emotion, and it gets you all choked up inside.

But, I do suppose there is much that can be said and expressed, even in a single, Joyful, flow of a tear.

       Furthermore, I can’t even begin to count how many times I used to stand in front of the rack full of Hallmark Cards, hoping to find the one that came the closest, to what I hoped to convey from my heart. And those times that a card just wouldn't work anyway.

                Then there was that moment, in the quiet of the night, when a special set of thoughts started to drift into a gentle pattern of words. And I was able to write this.


To YaHuWaH 'El Shaddai


My Love for You is Un-ending

© 2002 Guy Oddo


You filled my world with your Beauty

None else can come close to your Grace

I’m Blessed with your Love

And your care, far above

Any else in the whole human race


Through tears and hard times you stayed with me

Shared laughs when all Joy filled the heart

With the ups and the downs

All the smiles and frowns

To express this, just where could I start


Who has the right words and music

To send praise upon eagles wings

My only true choice

A joyful noise in my voice

‘Cause My Love for You is Un-ending